A Prolonged Absence

I didn't mean to go a solid seven months without posting, but my absence has been due largely in part to being delightfully busy with art. I concluded my time with the Italy Intensives Program this past December and in January moved to Hidalgo, Mexico, where I've been working as an artist-in-residence for El Buho, a coffee-shop ministry in the heart of rock-climbing paradise. I've been keeping myself busy with murals, signs, paintings, and tattoos, as well as learning how to rock climb. I never knew how exhilarating and ADDICTING rock climbing is. It has been delightful to finally find a sport that I can get excited about, and such a breath of life to have the opportunity to be around other people who are actively growing in faith through community and servitude. The team at El Buho is made up of some of the most genuine, selfless, courageous people I have ever had the privilege to know. A group of mid-twenties dirtbags coming from all over the country to band together and love on people... it's really my dream community. Writers, Videographers, Coffee Enthusiasts, Engineers, Musicians- we get all kinds here, and all are welcome. I've only been here for a few months, but it has been utterly life altering. My passion for travel has been fueled beyond measure, my passion for love and life and God even more so. I've been able to take my talents (for lack of a better word) in art and music and tattooing and do incredibly meaningful work. Be it revitalizing old murals, painting watercolors of the crag, or sprawling out on a crashpad and getting to tattoo on yet another incredible human and hear their stories, my art has never felt more alive or more purposeful. I leave this beautiful, challenging place on Wednesday for a much anticipated road trip and a beautifully exciting new set of adventures, but I know that I won't be able to stay away for long.  To keep yourself more updated on my adventures than you can with this well loved but inconsistently updated blog, you can follow me on instagram at @jaybird_design and @jaybird_tattoos. 




Summer Days

Sorry for the delay, my phone died. I fell asleep. I was washing the car. Pick your favorite of my rubbish excuses and let me welcome you to another inconsistent posting from your favorite erratic nomad. 

I've been back in the States for a few months now, and I don't think I've spent more than 4 days in any one place. I've been vagabond-ing my way across the south-east, from my hometown of Boone, NC all the way down to Tampa, Florida. I thought I was going to enjoy the peace and quiet of being home, but it doesn't appear that life slows down any over the summer months, especially not with a bunch of adventure-junkies like my family. We've spent every free moment chasing down live music, brewery events, wine-tastings, and chances to dance. Even though I'm still quietly pining away after Certaldo, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time home.

 One of several AWESOME photos from a shoot out on the Blue Ridge Parkway with 1:16 Media

One of several AWESOME photos from a shoot out on the Blue Ridge Parkway with 1:16 Media

I'm also super lucky to have all you fabulous people who have emailed me about commissions. Thank you for your interest in my work! I've been working consistently with D-9 Brewing Company in Cornelius, NC (if you live in the area, go check them out! And if you don't, go on TapFinder and see what brews they have in stores in your area). A lot of you have reached out for tattoo designs as well, and I'm happy to announce that I've made the first step towards actually tattooing! I've been working under Chris Merker at Ink Therapy tattoo to learn the basics of the tattoo machine. It's not a proper apprenticeship, as my job with the ECU Italy Intensives means I'm only in America for 5 months out of the year. But, it's at least a lovely introduction into the art form. I've been practicing on latex, which is obviously very different from skin, but gives me at least a basic grasp of the way the machine feels and how to move with it. I'm so excited to have at least gotten a taste of tattooing- keep checking in to see how that journey goes! 

 First time picking up the machine- feeling pretty happy with the results! 

First time picking up the machine- feeling pretty happy with the results! 

I head back to Italy in a month and a half, so I'll aim to update you all at least once more about whatever summer adventures ensue! As always, thanks for checking in, and be sure to go over to the CONTACT tab if you'd like to partner up on any projects! 

Cheers! -Jordan

Colorful Additions

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"Tattoo: A Coloring Book of Body Art" is finally finished! Keep an eye on the site for your chance to purchase one of these bad boys, and be sure to stop by Skin Grafix in Greenville on May 6th from 6-8 pm for the reception for my show, "Enneagram," where these will be for sale as long as supplies last!