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Illustration and Tattooing by Jordan Bethany Thomas



The illustration and tattoos of Jordan Bethany Thomas

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Illustration and Ink

I have taken four years of classical art training and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration and turned from the pen to the needle. I believe that tattoos are how we tell our stories; they are an opportunity to take our blank canvas and weave a tapestry of joy, pain and growth that is unique only to us. My passion lies in fine-line blackwork, botanical, ornamental, and spiritual tattoos. Each piece is delightfully different, lovingly crafted, and carefully inked so it will be a story you are proud to tell. Let’s make something beautiful together.


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Ink Therapy Studios,

Hickory NC

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Jordan was such a gem to work with! She really put thought and her amazing creativity into exactly what I wanted! Plus, she kept me super calm and made me feel less anxious as this was my first tattoo. I can’t recommend her enough! ❤️ I love my tattoo so much!
— Haylie Price Abele

Talented and creative visionary.
— Shane Smith



My goal is to create a relaxed, encouraging environment where we can create art together. My job is to tell your story, and I endeavor to do so through carefully crafted designs, a peaceful studio space, and an open line of communication throughout the entire design process. I use high quality inks and ensure that my space and equipment are sterile and safe.